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Becoming a volunteer

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To be a volunteer is to offer some time and talent to a collectivity. It is first of all a free and selfless investment to improve life in our society and share good moments with other people.

The last study published by the Study and Research Center on Philanthropy (Cerphi) shows that volunteers have mainly 2 reasons for giving some of their time and energy : first because they agree with the values of the association, and then because it makes them feel useful and active in their society.

If you believe in the association Un P’tit vélo dans la tête’s values, you can join us and offer some of your spare time.

Voluntary work is the first resource of our association and they are many ways of helping us.

In the workshops :

- You can take the old bicycles to pieces : it is simple and it is the best way of learning how to repair them. The association always has bicycles to take apart and you can come every Wednesday from 6 to 8 pm at one of our “dismantling aperitif” (rue de Londre).

- You can take part in the tidy up day-sessions : once in a while the association organizes days of tidying up, taking to pieces, sorting out, etc. These days are planned in advance. They are quite good fun !!!

- The opening of the workshops mostly depends on our volunteers’ engagement. You too can welcome the members and help them fix their bikes.

Elsewhere :

- You can come to meetings about our projects : for example to develop punctual projects, committees are regularly organized to talk and take decisions.

- You can create new projects : new project are always welcome when they are brought up by motivated and voluntary people, and if they are in line with the association’s objectives.

- We need people to help us promote the association and its actions. We need specific knowledge for example in computer graphics. Everyone is also welcome to glue posters around town or help organizing events.

- You can become a member of the executive board : the association’s general assembly takes place every year in March to elect the members of the executive board. The executive board is the core of all decisions ; if you wish to be very involved, you can candidate to be part of it.

Write to us if you want more information...

The p’tit vélo’s volunteers

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