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Become a member !

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Join us to have access to our re-cycling workshops, fight with conviction for our good old two wheels, and cry out loud your pleasure and happiness of ridding your bike where ever you need to go !

There are many reasons to join the association !

You like ridding your bike in town and you want to promote, at a local level, this way of travelling.

You want to support a project of a town with fewer cars and more bicycles ? A place where it would be nice to live and breathe ! Where we would use less petrol and take action to help reduce the global heating.

You want to learn how to repair your bike. Your bike has a problem and you don’t know how to fix it… Or you could fix it yourself, but you don’t have the right tools and you’d rather not get your small kitchen all messy !!!

So no matter how good or bad you are at "bricolage" [1], come and join us !!!

Registration fees : How much is the contribution to become a member ?

You can register at either workshop anytime during the opening hours. The membership gives access to both workshops and is valid one year round.

Access to workshop : 13 Euros (students, unemployed) and 20 Euros for everybody else. This gives you unlimited access to the workshop and its wonders : tools, free parts (except wheels) and the precious advice of volunteers and permanents.

Support membership : 25 Euros or more to fiddle around with your bike and say everywhere « I love bicycle » in other words just the same than the access to the workshop except that you get a marvelous honor-card !!!

Group memberships : 15 Euros for the first person, 10 Euros for the next four others (maximum 5 persons). Each person gets a card. The condition is that you are all living at the same address (family, roommates…). And it gives of course the same rights than an individual membership.

Membership for companies or associations : we can sign conventions with associations or companies to give their members or employees access to our workshops ; for example to join the plan of urban travelling. Contact us for further information.


[1(word borrowed from the French) meaning : "make creative and resourceful use of whatever materials are to hand (regardless of their original purpose)."

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