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Become a member !

Join us to have access to our re-cycling workshops, fight with conviction for our good old two wheels, and cry out loud your pleasure and happiness of ridding your bike where ever you need to go !
There are many reasons to join the association !
You like ridding your bike in town and you want to promote, at a local level, this way of travelling.
You want to support a project of a town with fewer cars and more bicycles? A place where it would be nice to live and breathe! Where we would (...)

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A cyclist without any bicycle

Is it possible to buy a bicycle from the association?
Yes! Our association sells second-hand bikes to our members. Our employees and volunteers repair them when they have spare time.
By joining the association, you can use the facilities to rebuild the bike of your dreams from our huge stock of spare parts and old bikes. Spare parts are put at member’s disposal for free.
Bikes "ready to ride" are sold 45 Euros and “bikes to rebuild” between 20 and 40 Euros depending on how much work there (...)

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